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EXPECTATIONS are the biggest killer of relationships in life, love and business.
Relationships break down because of Unrealistic, Unachievable and Unmet Expectations. 
Not communicating expectations and not following through on what we say or promise can dramatically affect every relationship - in life, love and business by breaking down the fabric of our 
self-esteem, confidence and emotional/mental strength.

Discover New Heights
In Your  Relationship

Discover New Heights
In All Your Relationships

Everyone desires to be valued, appreciated and respected. We all want to have great relationships. After all, relationships are at the heart of everything we do. The trouble is we receive no clear direction on how to achieve this. In school, we learn how to run businesses and companies and learn essential skill sets to become successful in our careers. Somehow we are left to figure out how to be the best partner, friends and associates on our own, and this task comes easier for some than others. Let me show you how to grow to new heights in every area of your relationships.


Jim Hetherington is a Relationship Expert and is committed to empowering individuals and partners to create next-level success in life, love and business through his books, programs, speeches and more.

He's been married to his wife Mary for 40 years, and they enjoy travelling and seeking new adventures. For 34 years, Jim has coached and mentored people. He's an entrepreneur and has operated his renovation and construction company for the past 27 years. And being a pastor for 23 years, it's safe to say he is uniquely qualified to address and speak on many areas of a relationship.

Invitations have been extended to Jim to speak nationally and internationally. He is a five-time author, and major networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox have featured him, and he is a regular guest on podcasts and other broadcasts.

He strongly encourages people that they can have success in their business and career and home life and romantic relationships. It doesn't have to be either or; it can be both. There are four key areas Jim takes people through- your relationship world, your physical world, your business/career world and your spiritual world - and shows you how to THRIVE in all these areas.

Jim will show you how to achieve outstanding stability in all these key areas and maintain it throughout life through his books, webinars, seminars, training programs and group and one-to-one coaching.

The entrepreneur journey is exciting, and Jim will show you how it is possible to achieve more, accomplish more and be more. Discover how to realize more significant relationships and overall success.


PDFs / eBooks


This e-Book Will Help You See The Blocks And Give You The Tools So You Can Find Your Purpose and Avoid Distraction Without All The Drama, Stress And Tension. You Will Be FREE To Focus On Your Life Goals And Enjoy Full And Meaningful Relationships Along The Way.

The Ultimate Guide To Resetting A Healthy Attitude

Success in anything we do comes from a clear and focused mind. Through this e-Book you will be challenged through some concepts to reset your attitude and discover how to maintain this attitude in every area of life and business.

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Relationship

These 11 principles are taken from the Best-selling Relationship Rescue Handbook and are a must-read for anyone in a long-term relationship or planning to be in one. When left unexplored quite often, these functional areas are the things that tear relationships apart. 

A Must-Read For Every Couple Getting Married

There is enough pressure on couples getting married, and most couples are overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions that must be made for their big day. This practical guide will help navigate the road to getting married. Discover how to manage the journey, manage expectations around you and make the wedding everything it should be.

"A Mentor Is Someone Who Allows You To See Hope Inside Yourself" 
                                               ----  Oprah Winfrey

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. Jim has been mentored by some of the major influential leaders of the present world.  Some of his mentors include :

Brian Tracy

Les Brown

Bob Proctor

Physical Books That Will Foster Growth In All Your Relationships

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Relationship

Go in-depth and discover why these 11 crucial areas are vital to the success of your relationships. Be challenged by everyday, simple concepts often not considered necessary until it's too late, like faith, finances and staying frisky—an excellent read for those entering into long-term relationships and those already there. Reading this book will challenge you to reevaluate what you value in these areas or reconsider their importance.

A Life of Value, Purpose & True Success Is Yours

What does love have to do with life or business? Well, the degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you can love and ultimately respect others. A clear view of love affects the bottom line of all your relationships in life and business. If you are ready to become a better business person, you first must become a better person, starting with a deeper understanding of love. There's more to it than you think!

See What Others Just Like You
Say About Jim

– Aaron And Jessica

Jim provided invaluable advice and insights on marriage that I had not previously considered. His mentoring helped me better prepare to embark on a lifelong journey together with my partner. I was surprised that no one else in my life had challenged me to do this kind of inward reflection on the importance of communication and mutual respect in a relationship.

" Helped me see relationships in a whole new way"

Anyone who has the privilege of working with Jim or listening to his teaching will
be encouraged. He highlighted the need for discussion around topics that aren’t communicated openly. It really put us in the right frame of mind and gave us a good foundation to build on moving forward in our marriage. Thanks for your guidance Jim.

"I wish I knew these things when I was younger"

– Trevor And Rebekah

– Sam And Karla

Hey, we are really excited to enter into this new chapter in our life. We wanted someone that could help us out in our new journey so, we got a hold of Jim and we are glad we did. He Helped us with topics like frustrations, finances and future goals. We enjoyed our time working with Jim and  we feel more confident getting married and building our life together. We really recommend working with Jim.

"We have new confidence now that we've worked with Jim"

Coaching / Speaking


In 30-minutes, I will identify a sticky point, bring clarity, focus and develop an action plan to help you move forward with greater confidence.

Welcome To My
Reset Coaching Program 

A Premium Coaching Program that fits exactly the way you want it to fit!

Everyone needs a coach and mentor because we can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of experts. Sometimes we need to have a long heart and dive deep into new areas. Other times we need a quick check-in to get over a hurdle.

The Reset Coaching Program is an introductory program designed for those exploring coaching for the first time. Or you may require a few hours to work through some particular difficulty or concept.

Either way, I've become excellent over the years, helping individuals and partners break through matters of concern in critical areas in life, love and business. And in the few hours this program offers, we can make significant progress together.

All Writers Welcome | No Experience Needed

Become A Published Author And Influence Lives!

Limited Space Available In This Upcoming Book

Become a published author, influence lives, and be recognized as an authority in your industry!

Want to discover how easy it is to write a book. I've engineered a unique system over the years that helps me in all my writing. As we work on this project, I will share what I know to help you become a more proficient writer and help you become a published author.

Book a call with me to learn more and let me and my team journey with you.

Jim brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to any stage. He's been married for 40 years, has coached and mentored for 34 years, operated his renovation and construction company for 27 years and was a pastor for 23 years; there aren't too many areas of relationships he can't address.



Jim has become good at helping entrepreneurs and business owners navigate and avoid burnout. Fifteen years ago, he almost died because of neglecting his health and well-being and is passionate about addressing audiences and helping them avoid the same fate.

For young or older individuals and couples, Jim can lead a short discussion or a full-day event that will bring fresh insights and tools to help individuals and partners prepare for relationships or build stronger ones. 

Your company or business can count on Jim to research your market and deliver a talk that will inspire your team to achieve more significant goals in their personal and professional life, which will ultimately stimulate an environment where everyone will flourish.

Spend A Day With
Jim Hetherington

Wish you could spend an entire day with Jim? One of the most respected and trusted relationship experts today?

You can do just that!

He has made himself available to others and serves with his vast knowledge. You can spend a day with Jim to work through any issues. 

A Day With Jim Is $10,000

“Jim Hetherington is a Relationship Coach and an amazing human being. He is compassionate and is an excellent communicator.

He has a real desire to see everyone engaged in their best relationships in life and business.

I highly recommend working with Jim as a coach and hiring him to speak at your event. He is engaging and gives so much value and insight to people. ”

Cora Cristobal 

– Cora Cristobal

Founder - Toronto Women's Club

Know The Problem With Your
Marriage And Relationship

  There Are Many Problems Which People Keep Asking Me via Mails And Direct Messages Regarding Their Marriage and Relationship. And There Are Some Common Trait Found In All Of Them.
Some of those Are:
❌    People Think That Living Happy Even After Marriage Will Happen All By Itself.
❌   Couples Had A Hard Time Identifying Their Values (What They   Believe And How They Communicate).
❌   People Don't Realise They Are The Common Denominator In All   Their Relationships And That They Are The Only One They Can Control & Change.
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